Proof of Residency Requirements for all students

Proof of Utah Residency for Utah Adult Education Programs
Prospective students must present at least one of the following items, in the student’s name, at the time of registration:
• Utah Driver’s license
• Utah Driver’s Privilege card
• Utah State ID
• Utah resident fishing or hunting license
One of the following items may be used as proof of Utah residency if the date on the document is within the past twelve (12) months. If one of the following items is presented, the document must be in the person’s name and include a Utah home street address (not a P.O. Box) that is reported on the student’s registration card at the time of initial registration in an adult education program:
• Mail received in the person’s name from an established business in or outside of the state
• Utility bill or work order
• Cell/land line phone bill
• Employer’s pay stub
• Written statement on an employer’s letterhead defining a job commitment with the prospective student
• Current year automobile registration
• Utah state government agency form letter
• Utah library card
• Rent or mortgage payment statement
• Utah voter registration card
• Utah high school/college transcript or report card
• Tribal correspondence
• Approved or denied Free and Reduced Lunch Application from the prospective student’s children’s school
• Daycare or nursery school records of the prospective student’s children
• K-12 registration demographic card of children enrolled in a Utah school
• Consular document from a SLC consulate