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Jamie Mathews

Specialized Training Classes Offered For 2023-2024

Registration for CNA, Phlebotomy, :

Day registration September 14th at 1:30 pm.

Night Registration: Call for an appointment.

If you are interested in becoming a CNA student please fill out this form.

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CNA students learning about PPE

Day and Night CNA Certification for English Language Learners

Partnership with Davis Technical College

Students Certify as a Nursing Assistant 

Certification completed in June

Class begin in September

Day Classes Wednesday and Friday 9-12

Night Classes Monday and Wednesday 6-9

Language and CNA textbook class at Canyon Heights
Lab Classes at Canyon Heights Adult Learning
*Contact Darece Sperry at


Phlebotomy Prep Class

tubes for blood samples in phlebotomy

Enroll in classes at Canyon Heights English program.   Preparation to be able take the class at Davis Tech College.

Classes begin in September

Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-12 pm


Teaching Assistant Class

books, blackboard and pencils

Enroll in classes at Canyon Heights English program.   Preparation to take a highly qualified paraprofessional test and qualify for a teaching assistant job in a school district.

Classes begin in September

Monday and Tuesday from 1:30 - 3:00 pm


Contact for more information.



Students ready for the HOSA competition
Jamie Mathews

The Canyon Heights ESOL students in the CNA program through Davis Tech competed at the state competition and came away winners in several categories.  We are proud of their hard work and dedication to their goals.  They get to now compete at Nationals in Dallas, Texas.

Nursing Assistant:
1st Place: Mara Torres- CNA night student
3rd Place: Laura Petit- CNA day student

Home Health Care:
1st Place: Lucy Galante- CNA night student
2nd Place: Oleksandra Ivanska- CNA night student
3rd Place: Javier Roldan- CNA day student

Mental Health PSA:
1st Place: Guido Meza, Laura Petit, Javier Roldan, Raquel Sacubo, Edith Escobar


HOSA CNA 3rd place winner
PSA winner for HOSA
HOSA home health top 5 winner
HOSA home health 3rd place winner
1st and 2nd place students for CNA at HOSA
student next to mannequin for home health 2nd place
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Most of our classes are now full or nearly full. To keep your place in the class, you must attend 75% of the time. Below is the definition of 75%:

Classes which are 3 days a week = 3 absences per month.
Classes which are 2 days a week = 2 absences per month.


Students who miss more than this without excusing with the teacher, may lose their place in the class and be put on the waiting list.

Sign and return the policy form to your teacher within one week of beginning your classes at Canyon Heights.


Students sitting around tables talking to each other
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Along with employment and educational skill, high beginning English Language students from Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East learn to fit into the community by learning and practicing small talk.


learn English
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Come Prepared for ESOL registration with $100 and proof of Utah residency.  Plan on being at the school 3 hours for registration and testing. 

ESOL registration dates for face to face classes for Canyon Heights Adult Learning in Kaysville

DAY class registration: at Canyon Heights Adult Learning in Kaysville.
9/14/2023 at 1:30 pm
NIGHT class registration:  at Canyon Heights Adult Learning in Kaysville.
For Returning Night Students:
8/22/2023 at 6:00 pm
8/23/2023 at 6:00 pm

For New Night Students:
8/29/2023 at 6:00 pm
8/30/2023 at 6:00 pm

ESOL registration dates for Davis Community Learning Center in Clearfield at Wasatch Elementary

DCLC Day class registration: at Davis Community Learning Center in Clearfield.
9/12/2023 at 1:00 pm

ESOL Registration Forms

Canyon Heights Registration Form