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description of the 5 rules hygiene, stay home when sick, mask, distance and clean
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Davis Learns Together & "Big Five" Plan for Safely Opening Schools

Davis School District has a plan to open schools in the fall for the 2020-2021 school year, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Davis Adult Education will unite to follow and implement the plan.

District updates and additional information can be found on the  Davis School District website.

Davis Learns Together Plan 

"Big Five" approach includes:

  1. Hygiene Etiquette
  2. Stay Home When Sick
  3. Cloth Face Mask
  4. Physical Distancing
  5. Clean and Disinfect


Big Five

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NIGHT CNA Certification for English Language Learners

CNA studnets
CNA students learning about PPE
NIGHT CNA Certification for English Language Learners Partnership with Davis Technical College

Students Certify as a Nursing Assistant 

Certification completed August 2021

Class begins February 2021

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9
Language and CNA textbook class at Canyon Heights
Lab Classes at Davis Tech
Registration January 5 or 6 at 6pm or by appointment


Business Administration Services for English language learners

Enroll in classes at Canyon Heights English program.   Students will receive Davis Technical College Credit for finished classes
Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:45- 3:15 at Canyon Heights.



*registration begins promptly at 9:00.  Students arriving after 9:20 will test on the next testing day. 

Earn Davis Tech Business Credits

Classes begin January 5th at Canyon Heights.  

Contact for more information.



time to study
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students sitting in front of a computer

Returning Adult High School/GED Student registration dates at Canyon Heights



All returning student need to call 801-402-0720 for registration information.  


Bring proof of Utah residency, $100.00 registration fee (if due)

Questions call the office at 801-402-0720



Brooklyn Child
new student orientation




Adult Education Student Orientation for the 2020-2021 School Year:


All new students must attend an in-person orientation

Prior to registering, all students MUST attend one of the MANDATORY in person orientation meetings listed below.  Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign in and get a seat.  Please bring a pen or pencil to take notes. 

The briefing starts on time and will last about 45 minutes.  All orientation briefings are held in the cafeteria at the Canyon Heights Building.  Masks are required to attend.  Student may bring one parent/guardian.  No extra people allowed due to COVID19 concerns and protocols.  

Following are the dates and times available:


1/7/2021   Thursday 6:00 pm at Canyon Heights Adult Learning

1/15/2021  Friday     9:00 am at Canyon Heights Adult Learning

2/4/2021   Thursday 6:00 pm at Canyon Heights Adult Learning

2/5/2021    Friday     9:00 am at Canyon Heights Adult Learning

If you are 16-24 years old and need financial assistance with your $100 registration fee, DWS may be able to help pay for educational fees. In some cases, students age 24+ may qualify for tuition assistance. Please apply online at:
1-Sign into My Job Search and create a new job search account
2-Click on Apply for Training Services
3-Complete the Application for Training
After the application has been submitted, a representative will call to schedule an intake appointment within 3 business days, or call the Department of Workforce Services at 801-776-7858 and ask for more information about the WIOA Youth Program (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act).


learn English
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students sitting in front of a computer

Come Prepared for ESOL registration with $100 and proof of Utah residency.  Plan on being at the school 3 hours for registration and testing. 




ESOL registration dates for face to face option and (online class option)*. 

DAY class registration: 

1/29/2021    Friday at 9:00 am

2/26/2021   Friday at 9:00 am

NIGHT class registration:  

2/1/2021      Monday at 6:00 pm


DCLC Day class registration:

1/7/2021 Thursday at 1:30 pm

2/4/2021 Thursday at 1:30 pm



We are going to offer online classes for students who do not feel comfortable attending or cannot attend face-to-face classes.  


Levels intermediate to Advanced

Students must attend in person registration either day or night at Canyon Heights.  

Students must also attend an orientation at that date will be determined based on the day of registration.