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All Adult Ed Classes are closed until May 1st

You can continue to work from home on Canvas, Burlington English, MyEnglishLab, and MyELT. 

You may exchange packets by appointment with your teacher during the day from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm if you have no signs of illness.

Please call or email your teacher for further questions.


ESOL Program at Canyon Heights Adult Learning
525 E. 300 S.
Kaysville, UT 84037
Registrar's Office:  801-402-0720


Students will need to provide the following information for registration:

Enrollment fee of $100 (cash, check to Davis School District, or card-3.5% fee charged of $3.50)
Proof of Utah residency:  Forms of residency we accept are listed below:
   (Driver's license, Utah ID card, Bill or other mail from a business with STUDENT'S name and address on it, recent transcript from a Utah school, library card)
Transcripts if you would like to complete high school

Registration Dates:

ESOL registration dates

DAY class registration: 

8/25/2020    Tuesday at  9:00 am
8/26/2020    Wednesday at 9:00 am
8/27/2020    Thursday at 9:00 am

NIGHT class registration:  

8/31/2020    Monday at 6:00 pm
9/1/2020      Tuesday at 6:00 pm

DCLC Day class registration:

8/25/2020  Tuesday at 9:00 am
8/26/2020  Wednesday at 9:00 am