GED preparation

GED Preparation

The GED is accepted by most employers and many institutions of higher education.   Military enlistment may be restricted by GED.  Check with your recruiter.

GED preparation is offered through the Davis School District Department of Adult and Community Education which is a fully accredited program, located at the Canyon Heights Adult Learning, 525 E. 300 S. in Kaysville. A fee of $100 per year is required for GED preparation classes.
GED Testing is administered at an official testing center such as the Davis Technical College. The cost for the test is $120. For information, please call (801) 402-0720 or Email: concerning preparation classes.  For registration follow the to set up an account to get ready to test.

Students who are 16-18 years old  and whose class has not graduated must have a "GED application form" to enroll and to take the GED test.  This form may be obtained from the counselor at their high school or from Student Services at the Davis School District by appointment only (801-402-5159).

A new night class dedicated to GED prep only students is being added this Fall for ages 18+.   Schedule is Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:00-8:00 pm. We will be using the newest version of GED Academy.  Fast-track your way into post-secondary education or a better paying job.

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